Parental Child Abduction

Sadly, children go missing all around the world everyday. Some even taken by those they trust the most - their parent or family member. Unfortunately, the number of parental child abductions is increasing.

Many believe that if the child is with someone they trust they are not in danger and should not be considered as missing. This can be a fatal assumption.

Parental child abduction can have harmful physical and emotional affects on the children abducted. In extreme cases, children are lied to and told that their family left behind does not love them anymore.

Abducted children can suffer the loss of contact with their family and friends, miss their educational stability and are often hidden away from people around them. They are removed from almost everything familiar to them including their toys, daily routine, their bedroom and sometimes even their name.

The complexity and seriousness increases when a child is abducted across international borders which creates a greater emotional trauma and confusion for all parties involved - the child, the family left behind, the abductor and law enforcement.

There are a number of reasons why a parent may abduct a child. Family abduction / parental abduction often occurs in very emotional and stressful circumstances. For some family members it's a desperate attempt to remove their child from an environment of domestic violence. In other instances, the child is abducted in an act of revenge, to hurt family left behind and show a position of power.

Even when the person taking the child is a family member/parent, the intent of depriving the child or left behind parent is traumatic for the child and those left behind.